Wednesday, May 19, 2010

139/365 Tuesday

Kindy field trip to the zoo! The boys talked me into going in the snake house---yuck! In the pick is an anaconda --I'm sure I'll have pleasant dreams about this guy!

138/365 Monday

Monday was the track meet at the school and also they had tug of war!

137/365 Sunday

These are the back of Jaxon's class t-shirts, each kiddo drew a person and wrote their name.
I thought they were pretty darn cute!

136/365 Saturday

In one week I'll be here ahhhh relaxation...yeah okay so I'm going to have to drive 14.5 hours with a six year old and a three year old to get there but I'll take what I can get!!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

135/365 Friday

Friday was fun day at school, I spent the whole day helping out and had a ball! Pictures are of Jaxon and his best friend Cade. Then a pic of the 'shark' that kinda looks like a killer whale  he had painted on his face lol. He wanted a great white but didn't get it lol!

134/365 Thursday

Poor Cader-bug had to get up early and go with me to get my hair cut, he crawled up in my bed around noon and wanted to watch a movie on the computer and fell asleep for three hours lol!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

133/365 Wednesday

Some super cute shirts Faith made for the boys Disney trip!

131/365 Tuesday

 I'm too sexy for my towel!

Haha, ignore the sorted laundry in the background, Brett took the picture with his phone, had I taken the picture I would have had him pose in the clean front room lol!

130/365 Monday

We like most Oklahoma's on Monday spent the evening in our tornado safe spots. The boys had a ball going to Meme Wilda's to play in the basement. They played piano for everyone. As we left Cade said "that was fun." He's a mess!

Monday, May 10, 2010

129/365 Sunday

I can't believe my lil guy Jaxon is big enough to write all on his own lol.

128/365 Saturday

Our first night at disney we are staying at All Star Movies then moving to Port Orleans River side Resort. We are going a day earlier than we thought so our resort was full, we also wanted to try out this hotel because we might stay here if we come back again. I think the boys are going to flip when they see all the huge disney characters that are all over the hotel!

127/365 Friday

Matching Woody shirt I got for Cade for the upcoming Disney trip.

126/365 Thurday

Cute Buzz shirt I got at the Disney Store for Jaxon for our Disney trip.

125/365 Wednesday

He had to go- and he couldn't wait, good thing we don't have any neighbors behind our house.

124/365 Tueday

Play date with Kade. Jaxon loves it when his friend Kade comes over and so does our Cade!
They were playing with the bubble sword, and after the bubbles ran out it became a light sabor.

123/365 Monday

Yummy since there is only one beater on my kitchen aid mixer there is normally a fight over it when I'm making icing...however when you make it after bedtime I've found I don't have to share lol!

Monday, May 3, 2010

121/365 Saturday

The boys posing with current members of the Oklahoma Sooners Football team, Jeremy Beal, Ryan Broyles, and Mossis Madu. The Jaxon thought they were pretty cool but Cade was leery of them, the OU Players thought he was hoot because he wouldn't look at them ha!

120/365 Friday

Jaxon showing off his lost tooth.