Tuesday, December 29, 2009

A New Project- Project 365!

I'm starting a year long project on January 1, 2010,  its called project 365. My mission is to take one picture a day for an entire year and blog about it. Hopefully when I'm done I'll have a years worth of memories and new experiences. I am determined to do this and can't wait to get started and see where this new year takes my family!!

The Wait is OVER!!

WoooHooo for Christmas Day! The long awaited day is here and Mommy is exhausted thrilled! Santa left the house late and I awoke at 8:15am to hear Cade exclaim "LETS GO!" I quickly hurtled across a very sleepy Brett to get across our bed and cut the boys off in the hall. Now I did have all the dining room chairs blocking the hall as well so they couldn't sneak by us but still they are quick little monkeys. After all the work that goes into Christmas I am by golly going to catch the looks on their faces as they see the tree for the first time. After potty breaks for all - lesson learned from last year, no one stops unwrapping just because the photographer needs to go - Brett went in an set up the video recorder and we let them go.

Cade's side                                               Jaxon's side

Jaxon's panda shirt & hat.

Loving on his Panda Pillow Pet

Cade in his sack, he was on the move so much most all his pictures were blurry-hard to believe I know.

Jaxon in his sack- looking for Devastator the transformer he just knew Santa was
bringing...Santa might be have a bit of a twisted since of humor, considering he hid
Devastator way in the back behind the tree.

I think the joke was on me though this toy had a million
twisty ties and took forever to get out of the box. 

The Night Before....

The night before ....Christmas Eve is when the fun starts at out house! With the snow storm coming we knew that we would more than likely not be going to all our usual places on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. To keep the boys entertained we gave the boys their gifts from us on Christmas Eve morning. We give three gifts to the boys, as that is what Jesus recieved, Jaxon was very excited about that fact...Daddy was just excited I stuck to the thee gift rule!

Okay well I kinda stuck to it, if you want to get technical they got 3.5 presents, since we gave them one joint gift.  We got all the gifts out and Cade's gifts were really big in size, and Jaxon's weren't even though his cost more-but at this age all they see is size, so I borrowed a gift from Santa for Cade and added Jaxon's name to the joint gift, which he had also asked for.
Jaxon & Cade both got Potterybarn anywhere chairs in Batman and Superman.
Jaxon got a PSP and Cade got a Leapster, Jaxon got a mini panda cub from wowee (the kid is panda crazy!) Cade got a accersory dragon battle wagon that went with the joint gift the Imaginext Dragon Castle. I think Jaxon's favorite gift was the panda cub, he takes it everywhere and shows everyone!!


Later that night while the snow was still coming down, Brett's Mom and Step Dad better known as KeeKee & Papaw came over. Cade however couldn't stay awake and fell asleep right before they came over. He did recover a bit later and woke up enough to play with Papa and open his gift.

Still yet later it was time to leave out Santa's cookies and milk. Then a war broke out between the boys while they debated if it would be better to leave white or chocolate milk. That's when they decieded to sample the cookies- just to make sure they were okay!
Yes Cade only has on one sock..don't ask, I don't anymore ::Sigh::
Now its off to Jaxon's bed, they wanted to sleep together so they could get up together and see what Santa brought at the same time, they are smart buggers.


Monday, December 28, 2009

Having internet issues

I'm having internet issues and it takes forever to post on here and will not hardly upload my pictures I will post our Christmas pictures and our snow pictures as soon as its all fixed!

They were shocked lol!

The boys were not pleased to wake up and find that Eddie had taken all the gifts under the tree. They ran into my room with the note Eddie left demanding to know what it said!

The note said-

Dear Jaxon & Cade

I saw and heard you being naughty yesterday, and have taken you

presents with me to the North Pole until you can be good. There is only

two more days until Santa comes, so please be good. I know you can do it.

Love Eddie

Needless to say they were really good the next day and all the presents under the tree were back the next morning.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Eddie is going to SHOCK the boys!

Eddie is going to shock the boys in the morning when they see what he's done! He has taken all the presents from under the tree and left a note saying they better shape up or they won't get them back, as they are in danger of being on the naughty list!

There are only so many times I can threaten them with calling Santa, before they call my bluff! The little stinkers just would not mind this evening and even now have just been asleep for an hour, yeah its 1:20 am! They went to bed at 8:00 pm. They giggled, they fought, they cried, screamed, used the potty several times and finally passed out after I made Cade get in his bed and out of Jaxon's. I'm hoping that this will get thier attention and they will behave for then next three days...guess we'll see.

Eddie on the 18th & 22nd!

Well Eddie was found at the end of the hall way on the 18th playing on the boys pirate ship, and today was found on above my cabinets riding on the sled with the snowman.

Christmas Program Pictures!

Here are a few pictures from the program!

Cade was not a fan!

Singing, the little boy in the plaid shirt is Jaxon's best friend Cade.
Jaxon liked introducing his brother Cade to his friend Cade!

Jaxon's Christmas Program

Jaxon's Christmas program was Friday and he was so excited for it, they sang lots of songs and him and three other little classmates said a poem. Here's the video of the poem if you'd like to see it =0)

The Christmas Train!

We had so much fun riding the Christmas Train yesterday. The boys were thrilled that Nanie got to go with us, but were concerned that Papa would be sad because he didn't get to go. I don't believe Papa had a problem staying at home watching football! I got a few shots of the boys but they really didn't turn out well, I'm hoping Nanie got a few good ones. They are sold out for this season but if anyone has a chance they should go next year!

 The Train

After the ride

Nanie, Jaxon & Cade looking in the Candy Store

Being goofy in the candy store

 Ride the Carousel

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Candy, Candy, Candy

So I'm making candy for two days, some for Jaxon's teacher gifts, some for Brett's teacher Christmas lunch, and the left overs are mine =0) This is what I made today-
Peanut Brittle - half plain, half chocolate covered.
Chocolate Covered Cheesecake Bites
Tiger Butter Fudge -best ever, only three ingredients)
Chocolate Peanut Butter Pretzels

Tomorrow I'll make red velvet cake balls, white chocolate peanut butter popcorn, peanut butter cups and white chocolate pretzels. I see lots of dishes in my future!!

So I've been busy...

and haven't posted any of Eddies adventures. Lets see on the where he's been found on the table reading a new book he brought for the boys, on top of the fridge playing with a snowman, on the clock in the front room, hanging from my chandelier in my bedroom and somewhere else I forgot. Sorry! I've got a pic of him on the clock from today.

Jaxon had a tummy ache today and stayed home from school, but he's doing much better and is so excited for his Christmas program on Friday at noon.  We are busy busy through Christmas here's our plans, just in case you are wondering why I'm not posting! =0)

Tuesday- Christmas Shopping in Norman---Mad house!!!
Wednesday- Making Christmas Candy
Thursday - Candy making again
Friday - Take Jaxon to school and help pass out teacher gifts, and his class gifts, as well as candy for the party. Noon is his program.
Saturday- Last day for last minute shopping and wrapping
Sunday - Going to ride the  Christmas Train
Monday- Go see the Princess & the Frog
Tuesday- Go to see the Christmas Lights
Wednesday- Go see Alvin & the Chipmunks -Jaxon is dying to see this movie
Thursday- Christmas Eve
     *My Grandma Goodnights 11:30 am- 3:30pm (45 min. drive)
     * Brett's Grandma Fishers 5:00- 7:30 (45 min drive)
     * My Mom's 8:00-9:30 ish (same town)
     * Quick trip to Brett's Grandma Wilda's (same town)
    * Home to Santa Clause!
Friday- Christmas Day
     * Open gifts from us and Santa
     * Go to my Grandma Roland's -1 1/2 hour drive
     * On to Brett's Dad's House 1 1/4 hour drive

I'm not doing anything on the 26th!!!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

The Tooth Fairy is coming tonight!!

Jaxon lost his first tooth tonight, he is soooo proud! But it was quite an ordeal, he was terrified it was going to hurt and bleed! He was very relieved to find it was painless and bloodless. He is quite taken with the idea of the tooth fairy!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

The Eleventh Day of Christmas...

was also the day that Santa came to Jaxon's school, Eddie must have know because he left the boys shirts that says 'Santa Rocks'.I think they like it when Eddie brings them candy better than when he brings clothes! Eddie was sitting way up high on my curtain rod right above their new shirts.

The Tenth Day Of Christmas

Jaxon woke up to find Eddie on his dresser playing the playstation. He thought it was pretty funny! He coudn't believe he knew how to play!

Nineth Day Of Christmas

Jaxon and Cade found Eddie playing on a toy rocking horse. Cade had fun playing with it and gave Eddie quite the ride!

The Eighth Day of Christmas...

Yeah I'm behind! Sorry! On the eighth day of Christmas the boys found Eddie sitting on my candle playing with a toy...notice there is no toy in his hand, Cade got mad and demanded that he wanted that toy. Boys!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Seventh Day of Christmas...

Both boys busted out giggling when they saw Eddies latest trick! It took a minute to find Eddie, they caught him red handed holding the roll! They also loved the Hershey Santa's in their calendar and hanging their new ornaments on the tree.

See my pretty lighted tree? Well the last string on the bottom has now quit working for the third time!! Every string was brand new too, wondering if its my extention cord? Anyways its not lighted right now =0(

Sixth Day of Christmas!

The boys came home from Nanie's on Sunday to find Eddie hanging out waiting for them with some cute bubble gum toy machines. They loved them and Cade did very well with the gum...he tattled on Nanie and said he'd had some at her house before...

Saturday, December 5, 2009

The Fourth Day of Christmas!

Today we found Eddie hiding in a basket over out table! He brought the boys reindeer pj's that were adorable. In our advent calendar Jaxon found Hershey's kisses and our activity was to make cookies together. We ended up not having time so we'll make them on Sunday when the boys get home from my Grandma's house. Eddie will be back on Sunday!

Friday, December 4, 2009

The Third Day of Christmas...

The third day of Christmas brought out Eddies trickster side! This is where Jaxon found him this morning, he was not amused! Cade loved the new undie ornaments! The boys opened the advent calendar and got some candy and our activity was to decorate outside. Cade picked out a Rudolph blow up decoration for the yard. I'll get pictures soon!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The Second Day of Christmas....

Brought Jaxon and Cade a Santa made of Hershey's, and our activity for the day was to watch a movie as a family.  Eddie must have known because he brought them popcorn and candy filled candy canes. He also brought a thank you card from Santa for sending him their lists. Jaxon was thrilled to see Santa knew and was proud of him for reading 100 books!  Jaxon is so excited to get a trophy for it!

First Day of December!

This means the boys get to open their advent calendar.  Jaxon has been begging to open it since I got it out a few days ago, he knows that it means Santa will be here soon! Every day there is a small treat for each and an activity for the boys. Inside the boys got push up pops Christmas themed suckers and our activity was to write Santa a letter, to be sent back with Eddie tonight. Jaxon wrote his first letter to Santa all by himself! Cade was more than happy for me to write down all his many wants for him. They then placed them in the freezer with Eddie so Santa would get them tonight. Isn't it funny that the letters they wrote tonight look nothing like the list they have been sharing with Mommy...looks like I...um I mean Santa has some more shopping to do =0)

Eddie loves the freezer...

because it reminds him of the north pole!! Jaxon was in a rush to get to school today and forgot to look for Eddie, but Cade took care of it. After looking for a bit I mentioned I had heard something in the fridge, we opened the bottom door and didn't see anything. Cade demanded to be picked up so he could open the top freezer door, boy was he tickled to see Eddie there with some ice cream sandwiches (Mommys favorite brand Skinny Cow-don't know how he knew) for the boys a snack.

Eddie likes Tranformers too!

Monday we found Eddie playing in with one of the boys transformers on the kitchen shelf. He also brought Jaxon a Santa hat, because he was upset he had left his at Nanie's house!