Friday, July 30, 2010


Behind again, working on it. The last of July and first of August is sooo busy for us. We have Jaxon, Cade and Kim's (MIL's ) birthdays as well as my grandmothers, plus we do back to school for Jaxon and Brett. Oh and all my ebay auctions go up as well as getting ready for my consignment sales....somebody wake me when its October...
Here's my pic for today, I thought it was cute!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

203/365 July 21st

We had a great trip to the lake this weekend.
Inspired me to do one of those credit card commercial things-
Getting the boat fixed and water ready- $$$$
Finding a plug to fit the tube so grandson's can ride it $$

Knowing there are three people riding in this tube   -   priceless...

Baby Hill 4/3/2011
(Had we known Mommy would not have been in the tube lol)

202/365 July 20

This was on our disney cd we just got. Isn't Cade a mean lil pirate? He was showing his muscles.

201/362 July 19th

This is what happens when your mower breaks..though Duke liked laying in the fresh mowed grass. Guess it was cool on his belly!

Monday, July 19, 2010

200/365 July 18th

Relaxing in the tube at sunset!

199/365 July 17th

Boys driving the boat!

198/365 July 16th

We went to the lake this weekend with Kim and Barry. The boys had a great time and so did we!
The boys wanted to sleep in the front room on the pull out couch so they could watch a movie, in the middle of the night I heard a frantic - Mommy Mommy! as they ran down the hall. They ended up in our bed..I slept on the other side of Jaxon...notice how much more room they gave Daddy.

197/365 July 15th

We got our photo pass cd in from Disney today! So exctied for these!
Here is a link to all the rest of them-Disney Pictures

196/365 July 14th

Its done, I decieded on baby blue and glass knobs. I think it turned out great, if I do say so myself!

195/365 July 13th

Looking good....three cans of spray primer later...

194/365 July 12th

I'm redoing my desk, I got this when I was little from my Aunt Christi. Its been through alot with me and my brother to say the least. I saw wanted to put it in my new craft area in my laundry room but I wanted to redo it. This is my first time to repaint furniture. Here is the before picture.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

193/365 July 11th

I have been wanting to paint one of my doors black for a while, I really like the look. However since my front screen door is black I'm decided to leave the wooden door behind it red and move on to my laundry room door.

I've been redoing my laundry room, its in a  kinda weird location. Its connected to my kitchen but not accessible from the house you have to go out the side door out onto the carport then turn immediately and go in the door to the laundry room. Its blah, stuffed with junk and I want to redo it and make it into my craft room as well. This was my first improvement- ignore the yucky floor its the last thing I'm going to paint so it should be done next July *sigh* at least I'm honest with myself lol!

So here is my door- no before pictures- I know I know, sue me. The door was white.

I noticed my wreath needs to be 'fluffed' and went to do so and found that a bunch of dirt dobbers had made a nice home in it, they did not want it messed with....I complied. I am terrifed of bees and wasps of any kind and theses little buggers look alot like wasps and freak me out...I'm still not certain they wouldn't sting you though everyone assures me they won't, I'll play it safe =0)

 Then I got to thinking I might like this on the door instead...

 Then I put it back on my front door because I like it there better. I really like the knob its glass, so cute, but wouldn't photograph well. What do you think?

Saturday, July 10, 2010

192/365 July 10th

Isn't he'd never think he'd go poo in his pen (large storage tub) in a matter of seconds - after being taken outside minutes before, and then smear it all over himself and said tub would'd be wrong...or at least giving a basset a bath at midnight. *Sigh* at least he's cute...
 Who me?
No way!
Glad that's over I'm tired!
Get that flash outta my face woman..
Did someone say food?

191/365 July 9th

Caderbug sure loves his naps...he does not love to be woken up however...

190/365 July 8th Thursday

I think I found Jaxon's cake for his birthday (real one at home not his party) oh my! He's going to be so surprised!

189/365 July 7th Wednesday

Happy 4th 7th of July! Hey at least we popped the fireworks right...some of them had been sitting in storage from last year lol! The boys had a ball, and loved PawPaw's grand finale fire works! Cade loves the smoke bombs I however am not fond of them....especially when I tell my hubby to quite throwing them so close to me and he doesn't listen and one explodes leaving really bad burn marks on my leg...okay so it didn't burn could have... it did scare the crap outta me, so don't throw them close to people. At least not me, okay =0P
Pawpaw and Cade with a very large sparkler!
Watch out Daddy's loose with fireworks and he has no idea what he's doing...good thing Daddy doesn't ready Mommy's blog huh. Which I think it kinda rude I mean if I have to sit through Ghostbusters, Die Hard and Terminator every flipping time they come on he could at least read my blog...oh well hehehe.

188/365 July 6th Tuesday

I fell in love with this banner a mom made for her lil guy's pirate birthday. You must check out her blog its wonderful- Vintage Junky!
I'm thinking of burlap with pirate items stamped in black ink with a black fabric possibly with skulls on it with red letters, red stitching and a red ribbon? Or I may totally run out of time and grab that really cute premade one I saw at the party store lol!

Monday, July 5, 2010

187/365 July 5 Monday

Oh skittle machine, how Cade loves thee...
He has reminded me three times today that we are getting low, 
he sure gets cranky when we run out or if I refill it with something besides skittles-
learned that the hard way, never knew m&m's were so bad!!

186/365 July 4th Sunday

Yeah I really should have some fireworks shots but all the boys want to do are smoke makes for smokey pics lol! Maybe later in the week when we use up the rest of our stash. For now here's a cute one of Duke!
no more pics please.....

185/365 July 3 Saturday

This is my first attempt at Jaxon's invite to go in the bottles- the wordy is wonky- and will be fixed. I was just going for the over all look of the invite. I'm pretty happy with how it turned out!

18/365 July 2 Friday


183/365 July 1 Thursday

These are not buy them, you will eat the whole box.... just sayin'

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Jaxon's Birthday Party

So since we are soooo busy in August I start planning the boys parties early! There is just too much to do to leave it to the last minute. This year will be Jaxon's first friend party, he wants to have it a local party place and have a pizza party with mini golf and bowling. His friend Kade had one there earlier in the year and he's had his heart set on it since.  He has also picked a theme- this year I picked two themes I wanted and let the boys pick. Pirates or Super Hero, I have seen so many cute ideas for these and I know they will both love them. Suprizingly they were both excited about the themes and didn't argue. Now on to the fun stuff.
Check out these invites!

I'm not to fond of the actual invitations so I'm making my own with a picture of Jaxon from the pirate league at Disney World, I found a pirate font, tea stained the paper and burned the cute!

I'm going to have a table set up for favors- with a lil sign that says - Every pirate needs a hat, sword, eyepatch, hook, and a treasure! I'll be getting those at oriental trading, they have the invites too.

Now if only I could make a cake like this! Maybe the lady at my local bakery will be willing to try...

182/365 Wednesday June 30th

Jaxon and Duke

181/365 Tuesday June 29th

The boys decided we were going to have a slumber party in the front room and watch movies, and since Daddy is in OKC for the week- we did. This as the best shot I could get, Cade the charmer would  only smile with his mouth open...

180/365 Monday June 28th

CaderBug and Duke needed a nap!

one hour later....
One hour later Duke woke up and tried to wake Cade up by biting him, so he had to go in the basket. 
Three hours....thats how long he snoozed for and how long Jaxon had to wait to play the wii so not to wake up his lil brother....he was not amused!