Sunday, January 30, 2011


That's what we all are in the Hill household! Jaxon got sick last Saturday with Strep, I took him to the doctor and he was put on antibiotics.  It was a lovely 4 hour stay with a puking session as soon as we got there. He seemed fine besides a soar throat, no fever, but pretty bad drainage.

Then Wednesday he started running a fever of 103 and Cade got sick too, mostly just drainage and fever. I already had doctors appointments for them on Friday and after our less than stellar urgent care visit on Sunday we just waited to see their doctor. Had I only known the joy that would bring I would have just gone to urgent care!

I had to haul myself and both sick boys over to the doctor I got there at 12:30 was finally taken back at 1:30, Cade was shaking the whole time saying "don't shoot me!" He wouldn't even tell us what hurt for fear of a shot. He had an ear infection but not strep. Half way through Cade's exam they had a fire drill...we had to stand outside for ten minutes waiting for the drill to end...then started the ordeal of getting Cade back in the room to finish.

They then sent us to the lab...the LAB...for blood work and a urine sample.Blood work that I promised wouldn't happen! After a lengthy wait we get called back- I did not tell them what we were doing, Jaxon thought it was just Cade getting work done. Cade went first (I believe the nurse's ears are still ringing from his screams) he lost his mind, shaking, screaming and all that. Which in turn freaked Jaxon out he was shaking and had huge tears streaming down his face before she even touched him! After she stuck him he looked at me and said "that didn't hurt!"

After that lovely experience the lead us to a large bathroom where I had to help them pee in a cup...I was very clear that this is only to be done at the doctor- this freaked them out as well. Did I mention they are deathly afraid of the sound of flushing public toilets?  Cade literally will crawl up you shaking. It was an automatic flusher- it flushed 8 times before we were nerves at this point was shot!

Next we went back to the doctors office to wait for Jaxon's flu swab, and the blood tests for Mono. Well poor Jaxon got so worked up at the Lab he started throwing up in the waiting room- thank goodness we were near a trash can- and after that no one was crowding us lol!!
We waited another hour for test results, Cade slept and Jaxon fretted that he was going to be sick again.

Finally they called us up - no mono, no flu, and oh now you can go to the pharmacy and wait again for thirty minutes. We finally made it out we were all starving and they kids wanted happy meals so off to McDonalds we went. Jaxon was able to eat three bites of a burger- first he's really ate since Saturday.

We got home took our meds- and then Cade threw up all the meds and food he'd had....I broke down. I was soo tired and stressed I just took him to get cleaned up, and had Brett clean up. Later he managed to keep his meds down but it was a fight. I was exhausted!

Saturday brought its own joys- Brett and I both now are sick. Being sick and pregnant is no fun- you don't get anything really but Tylenol and Benadryl which I can't take during the day because it knocks me out!

Jaxon has missed a whole week of school, and will likely miss Monday as his fever was still 101 today and the rule is they have to be fever free for 24 hours without meds before they can come back to school- which I do like. Keeps people from sending their sick kids to school. Then we are expected to get ice and snow Monday night so school maybe called for that lol!! Poor kiddo he even had to miss his party at school on Friday.

Needless to say there will be a delay in pictures being posted!


Monday, January 24, 2011


My new floor, sneak peek! Full pic when my bar is cleared off!

Catching up...

I'm behind 8 days here you go- sorry they are crappy cell pics but that's what happens when you have preggo brain and can't find your memory card tee hee!

 Jaxon's class
 My new cabnet!! Love the extra storage, just need to paint it!
 The look of love .... another hear lamp even though you chewed up the last one...betcha won't do it again after you get a lick of the pepper on the new cord tee hee!
 Poor sick baby!
 Caderbug with his build a bear, can't believe how fast he's grown up!
 A bow holder in a pinch lol!!!
 This rabbit makes me happy, I normally just put him out for Easter but I went ahead and stuck him out, because who am I kidding if I don't I won't find him again until after the 4th of July =0)
Evil Evil Evil cookies Cade got at the bakery that I will finish for him =0)

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Cade loves his cape's!


Even Ninja Turtles can get shy!


Clothes and Toys boxed up and ready to sell- except the top thing of clothes just laying on the tubs- gotta find hangers to hang those up. I never have enough hangers no matter how many I buy! Perhaps its more of a problem with clothes than hangers...

Thursday, January 13, 2011


Cade came out of his room wearing a G I Joe helmet, winking at me...
sometimes I worry about this sweetie lol!
 Please ignore the powdered doughnuts in the pic- cravings lol. 
Oh and the books that I sorted and still have not put up- it hurts to bend over okay =0)


Jaxon sitting by the heater being told to smile-


The boys both love to get by the heater and warm up!
This is what I get when I say smile!


Daddy and Cade under a blanket being 'invisable'. Cade loves this game lol!



Sunday, January 9, 2011


So I didn't take this one but isn't this pretty? I love the canopy over the crib...may have to use this in our room for over the babies crib.  I have chandelier in the area the crib goes kinda like this one...and maybe the wall decal centered over the crib =0) The stripes won't be happening no way will Brett paint our room so we'll just put some beadboard up as an accent behind the crib and stay with our green walls- which I like anyways.


This kiddo is serious about his video games, here he is playing the kinect here.


I'm being stalked....seriously folks this kid took 368 pictures today from the time he got up until Brett came home at 4pm lol!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

3/365 & 4/365

So here is yesterdays picture and today! First I wanted to take a picture of the baby blanket I bought our new baby girl. Its so soft its a minky fabric on one side and satin on the other. So sweet! I can't wait to wrap her up in it. While taking it I saw this hanging from my camera strap-
Its a star wars figure of Jaxon's =0)  and normally I hate to see a picture of something on the ground with feet in it...however its been a while since I've seen them! This is my normal looking down view-
Tee Hee!

Okay so here is the real pic of the blanket-
  Now for today's picture-
Thats a giant hershey kiss that should have been in Cade's stocking, 
but I misplaced them and the boys got them today. Cade was so sad he couldn't have it for breakfast!! 
I can't believe they like them you couldn't pay me to eat one yuck!!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Day Three!

Family Christmas Pics!Okay this is from Christmas Eve- I do have a lovely picture from today sadly my camera is in the living room and I'm already in my bed, being he lazy preggo I am I will not be waddling in there to get it! I'll post it tomorrow lol!
 Who is that woman you might ask - why that's me! The one normally operating the camera. So glad we got a family photo! Here is a link to some other Christmas photo's as well-

We had planned to be in Disney World over our Christmas break however due to some problems with our car we never really figured out - gotta love it when your told that it might be a sensor but they really don't know what's wrong- and me just not feeling like walking all that much we canceled and plan to take the boys and our lil princess in 2012.

Turns out that canceling was a good call, Brett took me to Canton, TX this past weekend and after four hours of waddling around I was in PAIN! My hips choose to start spreading then and wow that was fun! I would have been so sad to have that happen in Florida. Plus did you see the weather down there? 20 degrees? Did no one get the memo that is warm and sunny in Fl? I'm very glad we didn't tell the boys about the trip - it was to be a Christmas surprise- so they weren't mad or sad we didn't go. 

I must say I'm not enjoying the insomnia that I am having guess I'll try to get some sleep - *night*

Sunday, January 2, 2011


Woot!! Made it to day two- hey its the small things that make me happy these days. Here's a shot of Cade (after bed time) we heard him in there making all kinds of noises at 9:30 an hour after he went to bed-
Yup that's my little gamer- oh and can you tell Daddy 'made' his bed? Sigh I'll be redoing it tomorrow! Cade is such a little stinker! Oh well he's at least in his bed which  is an improvement. 

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year everyone! I'm hoping 2011 will be a great year! Just got home from a shopping trip with my hubby so its off to a great start! I'm *planning* on doing my 365 blog again this year - hopefully it will be complete this time lol! So here's picture number one-
Yes its of my dog but in all fairness my babies aren't home tonight- and can you see my beautiful kitchen floor in the reflection? No you don't? Oh well could be because its still plywood! I am hopeful Brett will finish the floor and get the new one installed by the end of the week....hint hint hint!

Anyways she' looks pretty comfy in her house under the heat lamp- its the first time this winter she's gotten in the house bother her and Duke have been laying directly under the lamp on the porch - silly dogs!