Monday, June 28, 2010

179/365 Sunday June 27th

I so need a machine that will cut vinyl besides the cute wall art and scrapbooking ideas look at this !

178/365 Saturday June 26th

Best pet investment ever, its $60 at the pets store but I got it for $12 on Amazon- Woot I love a deal! Such a life saver with our shedding dog!!

FURminator deShedding Tool

177/365 Friday June 25th

This is Dukes favorite place to hide...

Friday, June 25, 2010

176/365 Thursday

Pic from vacation, Jaxon seeing his first panda!
Such a fun and hot day in Memphis.
You can see all our vacation pictures on my facebook account here-
That should make up for the 19 I missed lol!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

175/365 June 23rd

Still worthless today....

174/365 Tuesday June 22nd


173/ 365 Monday June 21st

I got new flowers and a bird bath for my front flower bed-ignore the hedges that are screaming trim me- they got trimmed tonight by Brett...they might have looked better before lol!! Just kidding....kinda.
Look who thinks 'He' just got new flowers....

172/365 Sunday June 20th

Happy Fathers Day- now go fix my dinner- is basically what my hubby heard lol! Its his fault though he wanted a grill for Fathers Day and I have no idea how to grill! We had a nice family dinner! I don't have pics of it though lol! Instead how about a picture of were we found Cade after he got quiet-that's when we know we are in trouble. Its from the phone so its not the best quality.
He's behind the recliner sleeping on the bean bag...

171/365 Saturday June 19th

Duke is spoiled!

170/365 Friday June 18th

Here is our puppy!
ps Today is my brothers birthday too- Happy Birthday Jake!!

169/365 Thursday

Sleeping in the car.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

168/365 Wednesday June 16th

The Hill family will be adding a new member soon- and no I am not pregnant- don't even think it lol! Our addition is of the four legged variety. Right now his name is Duke, however we reserve the right to change the name upon picking him up on Friday night lol. I still like Donald- you know the name has to match Daisy's hahaha. Some of you may know my obsession with matching - yes Kim I'm talking about you quit laughing. I just want to squish those cheeks - the puppies not Kim's - though I do love my Mommy-in-law =0)

167/365 Tuesday June 15th

Boys relaxing in the pool for the second night in a row!
Boy did Mommy sleep good that night, the boys they never seem tired!

166/365 Monday June 14th

My boys love the swimming pool...seems like an ordinary statement no? Well if you had the joy of taking my boys to the pool last year you just might fall over after reading that statement. Jaxon had to have his life jacket on to get in and would only go as far as the second step, that's not even to his knees people. The only way he'd get in the pool is if you held him, he was five and the size of a seven year old, and don't forget Cade whom at two had to be held as well. Needless to say we played more with the water hose than we did playing at the pool.

Now this summer as we prepared to go to Brett's grandma's house for our first trip to the pool I was prepared to have a short trip and not a fun one at that, however the boys suprised me. Jaxon put on his life jacket and barrelled down the steps, he swam all over the pool even at the deep end (10ft) I will admit to you that I was 12 before I went in the deep end of the pool but hey I've got issues- I can't float or tred water,  needless to say I like to be able to touch my feet to the bottom lol!

Caderbug had outgrown his life jacket so he put on a ring and in he went, no fear. He gets mad if we try to hold him ha! We've been to the pool almost every night for a week and half! Jaxon is really brave and even jumped off the diving board- he'd jump for hours on end I think. Here are some pictures of him doing it for the first time!

Pictures 150-165 to come later!


So I'm really behind on my blog on pictures- bet you didn't notice right....right just go with it. So anyways as I take my sweet time editing and putting together my vacation posts and such since we've been gone, I'm going to start posting my daily picture now and not waiting till I get caught up. Cause face it I'm never caught up and I've got Mommy brain so I may not remember what pictures were taken on what days. I've still got a few more vacation day posts to do and I owe 19 pictures to my 365 so they will be posted just out of order.  That's normally the way I roll =0P

149/365 May 28th Friday

Friday we headed back to Hollywood Studios for Star Wars Weekend!
Green army man from Toy Story
Minnie giving kisses, goofy put Jaxon under his cape lol.

148/365 Thursday May 27th

Thursday we were really tired so we slept in till nine and headed out of Disney for Gatorland!
We then headed out to Epcot for the evening!
You can see the ball in the back ground-yup that's the technical name for it!

Jaxon was in heaen when he found the panda section in "China"
After test track- this car was one like in transformers, so they tell me.

147/365 Wednesday May 26

Wednesday we headed to Hollywood Studios and dinner that night at Chef Mickey's.
Playing infront of the Star wars ride in 'jail'
Eating at Starring Rolls, the boys loved the HUGE cupcake! We all four couldn't finish it!
At Chef Mickeys-Mickey loved the boys shirts!
The food wasn't great but the characters made it totally worth it! 
No waiting in the heat for 45 minutes to meet one of them for us!