Sunday, November 29, 2009

Decorating the tree!

Well we decorated our tree tonight, the boys had a blast putting on their ornaments. They love for me to tell them what each of them are and the meanings behind them. They get a new ornament every year and can't wait to get this years. I also decided to try to get a shot of them under the tree with lights for our Christmas card but no luck yet. Last year it took over 400 photos, and four different tries to get a good picture!

Cute but not quite what I was going for!

They loved looking into the ball & seeing themselves!

Not sure what he's doing!

Dad putting the star on!

Eddie's Back!

Well when the boys got home they found Eddie waiting for them by the candy machine. Its been empty forever, at least that's what the boys tell me, I think it was more like three days! Eddie heard their plea's and brought them Christmas M&M's boy were they excited!!

Eddie Stayed at the North Pole Saturday!

But not to worry he'll turn up on Sunday when Jaxon and Cade get home! Jaxon already asked me today on the phone where Eddie would be when he got back! Eddie's got lots of plans for this week!
Fri. 27th

Well Eddie went to the North Pole and told Santa how much the boys loved the Nativity set, and look were he ended up! Way up high on a shelf in the living room, looks like he snagged one of the boys favorite Christmas treats to take back to all the elves to try!!

Who is that in I see in our Christmas tree?? Why its Eddie our family elf, home at last from the North Pole. Looks like we interupted him when we came home, as he was putting up our Christmas lights. He's such a thoughtful little guy! Jaxon and Cade couldn't wait to get home from Nanies house Thanksgiving night to spy where Eddie would be. They were thrilled to see he brought them an early gift as well!

Eddies been spotted!

Checking out the Little People Nativity Set Eddie brought. 
Jaxon with the gift

Its Beginning To Look Alot Like Christmas.....

and all the members of the Hill family are excited. Especially the youngest two, Eddie our family Elf ( has come to stay with us again, he comes Thanksgiving night and will stay until Christmas Eve. He comes to watch the boys all day and reports back to Santa each night on thier behavior. The fun is finding were he will be the next morning, Eddie is never in the same spot twice. He loves to play tricks, hide in funny places, and bring treats. Follow along on all his many adventures! We will also start our 25 Days of Christmas on the first of December!