Sunday, February 28, 2010

58/365 Saturday

We have poop in the potty! Cade called me last night to let me know at 11:15 pm, he was at Nanies spending the weekend. It can only go up hill from here!! And all it cost me was a toy walmart and a trip to Mcdonald's to come on Monday =0)

57/365 Oldies but goodies! Friday

Today was a crazy day, I've been getting my items ready to sell at a kids consignment sale...which means the boys are closely monitoring all their toys to make sure I don't snag them to put in the sale. They get nervous when the see a pile of toys (that they have outgrown & or haven't played with in forever) sitting on my bed just waiting to be tagged. I also worked the school concession at Jaxon's school and Brett is gone to a teacher meeting to the city over night...does everyone see where I am going with all my excuses? Yup no picture today. I snapped a few on my iphone but they didn't turn out so instead I'm going to post a few pictures that make me smile =0)  I promise to be better next week!
 At the mall in December.
Daisy hopping while she runs to play with Jaxon!

56/365 Thursday

We've been potty training all week, every thirty minutes Cade sits on the potty. He goes number one fine, he still won't tell me when he needs to go all the time but with having him sit so often he stays dry. Its progress and at this point I'll take it. And since I've been potty training him this is my picture of the day , our frog potty, b/c I got so busy I didn't take one...Bad Mommy!

55/365 Wednesday

Potty like a Rock Star....

 Can you guess which one has went poop in the potty.... its the one with the ring pop. =0) It mad Cade so mad he couldn't have one till he went poop in the potty that when I went in the kitchen to get him something to drink he stole elmo's ring pop, tried to bite it and when he couldn't he threw it across the room....what am I going to do with him?

Saturday, February 27, 2010

54/365 Tuesday

Cade crashed in the living room for his afternoon snooze...its his daddy's favorite place to sleep too =0)

Monday, February 22, 2010

53/365 Monday

Cade's new favorite book is "The Very Cranky Bear" which is pretty appropriately for him here lately!

52/365 Sunday -Such a man!

Cade is a man in training...potty training that is!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

51/365 Saturday

Here's my pic of the day-
Because this is what I did all day Saturday, was get ready for the consignment sale that I have to drop off stuff to on Saturday. I'm also volunteering as well so I can shop early, can't wait. I always get lots of goodies there! So I cheated... sue me =0)

Saturday, February 20, 2010

50/365 Friday

It was finally warm enough to go outside, I don't know who was more excited about it, Jaxon or Daisy! He was covered in dog hair head to toes when they were don't playing!

49/365 Thursday

This week we started making Cade use the potty, I've waited and waited and waited for him to start showing interest, or signs of getting ready and he hasn't. At this point Mommy is really tired of diapers, in the past 7 years I've had a one month break of diapers when I was 8 months pregnant with Cade, then the fun began all over again.

Cade's three and its so time to kick the diapers to the curb. And just for the record I don't need anymore advice on how to to this...if you think you are better at it than me then I'm happy to pack his bag and send him off to your house and let you do it your way. Believe me I've tried everything you can think of and then some in the past year... vent over =0) He's eating a candy bracelet in the picture, he demanded that I 'picture me' while he was eating it. He's a nut but doesn't he look cute in undies lol!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

48/365 Godzilla Wars!

Today I cleaned the front room all up then moved on to Cade's room to clean. This is what I found when I returned to the living room....there was a Godzilla war going on. Those happen quite frequently in the Hill household.

47/365 New Toys

On Tuesday Cade wasn't feeling so good, he had some allergy problems so he stayed home instead of going to Pa's house. Jaxon went on a usual. So that left Cade having to tag along with Brett & I to Walmart, the upside was he got to spend his Valentines money on some long wanted and much talked about new spiderman figures. Both of the boys saying that they were going to get them first...well Cade won and Jaxon was none too pleased! He came home and saw the new toys, ran up to me and said 'oh thank you Mommy, Cade was quick to put him in his place! Jaxon later decided to save up his money for a new video game and share the new toys with Cade.

46/365 Playdate!

We had a playdate with Jaxon's friend Kade & his little brother Gaige. They are six months older than Jaxon and Cade. Here is Cade and Gaige playing xbox. I think its neat that Jaxon and Kade are so blond  and Cade & Gaige are both brunette.
Jaxon & Kade playing Wii (sorry its blurry)

All of them eating one wanted to pose for me lol!

45/365 Valentines Day

On Valentines Day Randy took Brett & the boys to see the PBR at OKC and these are the bulls they came back with. My eye almost swelled shut from a spider bite (?) so I stayed home. They had custom made Valentines Day shirts...that Brett forgot to take for them to wear, and I hear they had a good time but he also forgot to take a picture of them and just took pictures of the bulls & riders....Momma was not very happy!!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

44/365 Roses

I love flowers, Brett did good this year <3 He got me 1/2 dozen yellow & white roses.  
They were very pretty!

43/365 School Party!

Here's Jaxon with his frog balloon & panda.
Jaxon & his bff Cade

Jaxon's Valentine

Friday, February 12, 2010

You can comment now!

I'm about 90% sure I fixed the problems some were having being able to post comments. Please let me know if they are still not working!

42/365 Valentine Cookies!

I spent most of the afternoon making cookies for Jaxon's Valentines Party tomorrow, he's so excited about it. Little bugger remembers every detail from last years pre-k party and wants to know if it will all be the same or not lol. I can't even remember last week! Here are some more shots of them. I thought they turned out so cute, and they taste pretty good too. Just ask my assistant Cade he sampled it all along the way!

41/365 Valentines Treats!

These are Jaxon's class treats, I filled them with candy Jaxon picked out and tied it up with a shovel and a picture valentine that says "I dig you". He's really excited to give them out at school.

40/365 Daisy & the squirrel round two!

Poor Daisy, she wants to be friends with a squirrel so bad. Cade and I watched her sit right next to the pile a squirrel food Cade poured out. Only a few brave squirrels braved the basset wrath to get a snack lol!


This is how Cade likes to spend lazy snowy afternoons, cuddled up in my bed watching the Princess & the Frog on my laptop lol. He's such a nerd, he even wanted popcorn but I had to draw the line somewhere, I'm not into crumbs in my bed!

Monday, February 8, 2010

38/365 This is what happens..

when two little monkeys find the photo booth app on my MacBook. It takes pictures with the built in web camera....

There is never a dull moment with these two around!!

37/365 Hard at work.

Cleaning up after an ice storm is not fun! It took three trips to haul limbs off in our yard alone, two from my Mom's house. Brett & Dane were super tired after they got done. Jaxon also pitched in and worked really hard picking up the limbs. Although I think it had more to do with the money he was offered than any real desire to clean up =0)

Saturday, February 6, 2010

36/365 Love'n Friday Night!

Cade loves to watch movies & sleep in Jaxon's bed and only gets to do it on non school nights because he's my night owl, its 1:00 am and he just fell asleep!

35/365 Just for fun!

Cade goofing around in the front room. I got the iphone out and he insisted "picture me!"

34/365 This is how Cow sleeps...

Cade made Cow a bed, the other night. Apparently he was tired lol. Love the pillow/hat & the blanket/ cape!

33/365 A Simon in the making!

Cade watching American Idol lol! He's not a fan of this one!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

32/365 Snow day!

Woot! Made it a whole month! Just eleven more to go lol! The boys had so much fun playing in the snow, I'm sad to see it go. Mostly because it means the clean up has to begin-fun times ahead I'm tellin' ya! Here are some pictures of the boys 'sledding', the snow was too soft and they just couldn't sled down the hill so all the adults (Brett, Kim & I) took turns running them down the hill. Jaxon even pushed Cade down it while Brett went to look for some rope. Cade took too long to walk up the hill so he got the royal treatment and was pulled up & down it.
The boys would not quit eating the snow!