Monday, December 27, 2010

Merry Christmas!!

I thought I sent out all my cards....then I found another stack lol!! So if you didn't get one -sorry- it may be a bit late. Better than never though right? I though they turned out pretty cute this year!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010


This week I'm fixing lots of goodies for Christmas! So far I've made chocolate covered peanut clusters. Easy peasy! Just melt the chocolate and dump the roasted peanuts in mix and drop on wax paper. I didn't take pictures of that because honestly I just thought about posting my recipes and pictures today lol! So today I made Tiger Butter Fudge! I'm not much of a fudge person but this is the creamiest easiest fudge ever!!  I had a helper in Cade today although he wanted to eat a cupcake from Walmart instead of the wonderful candy I was making- such is life.
Here are the ingredients you need- all three of them!
1lb White Chocolate
1lb Semisweet Chocolate
1 1/3 cups Peanut Butter ( I use creamy but the original calls for crunchy)
Cade was tired of posing for the camera and claimed he was 'invisible'.
Melt the white chocolate in the microwave in thirty second intervals. After heating for 1 minute add the peanut butter and continue melting and stirring every thirty seconds till melted like this-
Line a pan with foil, I grease mine not sure if you have to or not. But better safe than sorry lol!!
When the white chocolate and peanut butter is all melted, add the semisweet chocolate to a bowl and about a tbsp of shortening. This increases the fat which helps the chocolate melt smoother, stir easily, and gives it a nice gloss. Some people use a little butter, but since the water content in butter or margarine can be high, it may make your chocolate seize! Hope this tip helps!!

Melt the chips in 1 minute intervals mixing after, until smooth.
 Pour the white chocolate and peanut butter mixture in the pan, Pour melted semi-sweet chocolate over top and swirl through with a knife, to create a marble pattern. Chill until firm. Cut into pieces.
I like to take mine out and cut into pieces while still slightly warm and then chill. Cutting it after it has cooled caused the tops to crack and the appearance was not as nice. 
Now try not to eat it all yourself!!

Christmas Cookies!

I made these for Jaxon's class party and I thought they turned out pretty cute!
I used this recipe for the cookies-
Also you use royal icing but the one I used didn't set up very fast so I'd use one you know works well!
Here are the directions for the cookies if you want them!

Hey there Eddie!

I sure hope Eddies sugar coating the boys behavior reports to Santa....because they are really close to getting coal! I think we might make it to Christmas but only time will tell! I lost my camera for a few days so Eddie wasn't photographed in Jaxon's room on the Godzilla bank, in Cade's  room playing with toys, in my bedroom hanging from my bird cage (decoration only lol) or in the kitchen. He was caught hanging in the front room-
And up above the cabinets in the kitchen riding on the sleigh with a snowman!

Monday, December 13, 2010


Our favorite elf got caught being naught last week! He thought the tree was a bit bare so he livened it up a bit with some underwear! The boys loved this trick last year so much he thought he'd repeat it!
He was also found kicked back in our wreath.
Attempting to play video games!
Up on our shelf waving the boys Medieval Times flag, and then later that night the boys gave
him our letters to Santa! They were so excited to get a letter back from the big guy himself!

He was found under our tree- sweet little guy he dug out the tree skirt- 
since Mommy had been to lazy! He passed his time playing with the boys hulk figures!
He was also found weighing himself in the kitchen on my display scale! 
Gotta watch those holiday pounds!
Don't you just love that little santa candle bulb =0)
Back to the elf....
In the morning he will be found in the living room riding in Cade's firetruck!
That's all his adventures up to date! Check back in for more this week!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

13 days......

There are only 13 days until Christmas!!! Is your shopping done? I think I'm done for the most part, still need a few stocking stuffers for the boys then they are done! I'm always watching Amazon for great deals on toys! If you don't check amazon out you should, I've saved so much money shopping on there these past few years! I just returned Jaxon's main gift he asked for to ToysRus, I paid $54.99 a few weeks ago and got it on amazon for $29.99!! Also no tax or shipping on Amazon- woot! I got some great buys for our angel tree child as well last year by shopping the sales I was able to give more for the same amount!

Oh I just remembered I do need to do my shopping for Brett but I couldn't do that today since he was driving me around lol! Normally I like to go Christmas shopping without him but its getting harder to get around these days! I'm 24 weeks along about 5.5 months and starting to feel it! Here's a pic- not the best I took it with the computer hehe! I'm showing my bump and my new hair do!
We have such a busy week ahead! I'm going to pick up my Christmas chocolate for my candy on Monday- I must use a certain kind, totally makes the candy! The stuff they sell at walmart is not as good as this kind trust me! Cade and I make it a fun day we drive to Pauls Valley and pick it up and do lunch at Mcdonalds, also gotta check out their Walmart. Perhaps pick up some of Daddies stocking stuffers and maybe a few of mine as well...hey sometimes the man needs a little help! Wednesday Jaxon's class is caroling around Ada, Thursday I have an ultrasound and doctors appointment, and Friday is the last day of school party. I think I'm making cookies for that lol.

I can't wait for Christmas I know the boys are going to adore their gifts and it so fun to see the joy in their faces during the season. I'm so blessed to have such sweet little boys to share my life with...the big one isn't so bad either- most the time... I kid I kid.

Eddie will have more posts soon, I am taking pics as we go!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

More elf fun!

Here are the latest places Eddie has been found!

In the bathroom playing in the 'snow' (cotton balls).
In the tree again- yeah at 2 am he's not very creative....
 Hanging out on the candle stick- he brought this for the boys-

Who would have thought they made a panda Christmas decoration? Jaxon was thrilled!
Yesterday we found him on our advent calender that I got out five days late- sue me- I'm behind schedule. He brought us some pretty cute signs to put in the yard.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Eddies here...

Here's what he's been up to the last couple of nights-

He hid in my flowers, they are perfect elf camo so he's hard to find!
He came back from the north pole with candy canes filled with kisses.
He also tried to help decorate the tree!
He hid in the kitchen and was caught trying to smuggle a Christmas Tree Cake back to Santa.

Check back to see what he's up to next!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Eddies almost here....

Eddie is coming back to our house on Thursday! Can't wait to see all the things he has planned this year!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

I want one of these!!

I want one of these in my Easter basket- but just one! Cade keeps asking if we can have two babies...not happening lol!

Its a........

GIRL!!! We are so excited to say that the newest edition to our family will be wearing pink!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Soooo update...

This pregnancy is kicking my butt! I can't keep up with the 365 anymore, I do hope to post once a week or so. I'm 12 weeks now, I've had two ultrasounds, the last one was Monday. When we peeked at the baby it had its little hand up on its forehead and you could count all the fingers! Soooo sweet.

Jaxon is really enjoying school, and is looking forward to the grandparents day program coming up. We made him a homemade insturment- a drum- and Cade was soo mad when we took it to school. Guess I'll be making another one for Cade. Cade is being a sweet little guy as normal, I'm really him during these last months of him being the 'baby'. He is really excited about the baby and asks about it all the time.

Brett is keeping busy writing articles for a local paper - sports section of course- he has been covering OU and OSU. His first game was OU vs. Florida State, he was excited to get in for free and to sit in the press box- the free coke and cookies didn't hurt either. He has gone to OSU vs TU and just got approved for OU vs TX! He is on cloud nine to get to go for free, he's never got to go before- no way could we afford those high ticket prices! I'm excited for him.

I'm hoping to get my fall decorations out soon, I'll post pictures when I do. I really need a shot of energy I'm so sleepy most of the time and nauseous, except at bedtime when I need to sleep...guess I better get used to little to no sleep...

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

229/365 Aug 16th

Darth Vader Balloon for Jaxon's Party!

228/365 Aug 15th

Jaxon climbing a rock wall!

227/365 Aug 14th

Jaxon's small party for his birthday, just a little 
something on his birthday since his big friend party is on the 21st.

I worked really hard on the Panda cake Jaxon loved it!

226/365 Aug 13th

Nope I'm not sleepy!
Cade was falling asleep eating his dinner the other night!

225/365 Aug 12

First day of school- was yesterday lol, and was also Jaxon's birthday.

224/365 Aug 11th

Happy 7th Birthday to my Baby!