Wednesday, August 18, 2010

229/365 Aug 16th

Darth Vader Balloon for Jaxon's Party!

228/365 Aug 15th

Jaxon climbing a rock wall!

227/365 Aug 14th

Jaxon's small party for his birthday, just a little 
something on his birthday since his big friend party is on the 21st.

I worked really hard on the Panda cake Jaxon loved it!

226/365 Aug 13th

Nope I'm not sleepy!
Cade was falling asleep eating his dinner the other night!

225/365 Aug 12

First day of school- was yesterday lol, and was also Jaxon's birthday.

224/365 Aug 11th

Happy 7th Birthday to my Baby!

223/365 Aug 10th

Meet the teacher night!

222/365 Aug 9th

Its time to sell the boy fall clothes, luckily I sold most on a clothing board so I only have a few ebay auctions to list. So much easier that way!
 This is one of the auctions I will be listing, the clothes is Crazy 8 brand and these are some of my favorite sets the boys several sizes lol!

221/365 Aug. 8th

Jaxon's birthday invite my friend Mary Jo made. Love it sooo much!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

218/365 August 5th

Time for the doggies monthly bath and flea medicine!
Daisy is first!
 Cade giving a little love!

Duke doing the same!
Duke's turn!

217/365 August 4th

Got fun dip? Jaxon does!

216/365 August 3rd

This is what happens when you up a pop in the freezer to get cold fast....then forget it! You do not want to see my freezer yuck!

215/365 August 2nd

Cade showing off his back pack, he wouldn't stand still so I could get a good pic of the actual back pack.
Who wants to break it to him he's not going to school till next year?

Sunday, August 1, 2010

214/365 August 1st

My sweet baby sleeping in the car.


Jaxon kept shaking the rope ladder when Cade was climbing up it so when he climbed up it Cade gave it back to him. I think he'd have done it forever if we hadn't stopped him. Didn't help that Jaxon was squealing like a girl lol!

212/365 July 30th

Every time Jaxon came down the slide he made the rock and roll sign lol.

211/365 July 29th

Being monkey's on the playground!
Taking his shoes off so he can climb.

210/365 July 28th

Would you please get me a hair cut? - that's what Jaxon said when he woke up with crazy hair after his nap at the lake!

209/365 July 27th!!

Happy 8th Anniversary to the best hubby ever!!!
Getting ready!

208/365 July 26th

Nap time! Yep its blurry but hey Cade's still pretty cute blurry or not!
Gotta love naps at the lake on the pull out!The boys had a ball at the lake!

207/365 July 25th

Good thing the puppy is cute because he's ate his weight in flowers...
And yes my yard is jungle- our mower was broke at the time lol! It looks much better now!


Awww they like each other =0)

205/365 July 23

I miss Disney, we had such a good time. We are hoping to go back in two years or so.