Sunday, November 29, 2009

Who is that in I see in our Christmas tree?? Why its Eddie our family elf, home at last from the North Pole. Looks like we interupted him when we came home, as he was putting up our Christmas lights. He's such a thoughtful little guy! Jaxon and Cade couldn't wait to get home from Nanies house Thanksgiving night to spy where Eddie would be. They were thrilled to see he brought them an early gift as well!

Eddies been spotted!

Checking out the Little People Nativity Set Eddie brought. 
Jaxon with the gift


  1. Stevy...did you get a good deal on that nativity set? I want one for Jackson, but I need a deal! LOL :)
    I just love your's such a neat idea!

  2. I got a really good deal on it but the sale is over, I'll let you know if I see it on sale again!