Friday, September 24, 2010

Soooo update...

This pregnancy is kicking my butt! I can't keep up with the 365 anymore, I do hope to post once a week or so. I'm 12 weeks now, I've had two ultrasounds, the last one was Monday. When we peeked at the baby it had its little hand up on its forehead and you could count all the fingers! Soooo sweet.

Jaxon is really enjoying school, and is looking forward to the grandparents day program coming up. We made him a homemade insturment- a drum- and Cade was soo mad when we took it to school. Guess I'll be making another one for Cade. Cade is being a sweet little guy as normal, I'm really him during these last months of him being the 'baby'. He is really excited about the baby and asks about it all the time.

Brett is keeping busy writing articles for a local paper - sports section of course- he has been covering OU and OSU. His first game was OU vs. Florida State, he was excited to get in for free and to sit in the press box- the free coke and cookies didn't hurt either. He has gone to OSU vs TU and just got approved for OU vs TX! He is on cloud nine to get to go for free, he's never got to go before- no way could we afford those high ticket prices! I'm excited for him.

I'm hoping to get my fall decorations out soon, I'll post pictures when I do. I really need a shot of energy I'm so sleepy most of the time and nauseous, except at bedtime when I need to sleep...guess I better get used to little to no sleep...

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