Friday, December 16, 2011

Eddie brings pj's! 12/15

Today Eddie was found in the tree- yeah I know we've used that once or ten times...its a quick stashing place when you awake in a panic realizing you didn't move the freaking elf...Today Eddie was kind enough to bring the kids matching pj's with reindeers on them. I was a bit afraid Jaxon would be too cool for them, however he liked them the best- the kid loves comfy pj's just like his Momma! He even asked to wear them to school tomorrow!

Now don't be alarmed I'm not sending him to school to be mocked in pj's! His whole class will be wearing them, they are having a 'Polar Express' party where they are making pancakes, drinking cocoa and such. He's looking forward to it alot!

Cade is having his first Christmas program- he's sooooo excited! The kids get to dress up any way they like as long as it has to do with Christmas. Cade is going to be a toy soldier- the most adorable one ever! Oh and he added a toy solider to his Santa list last night , he's trying to kill his poor Momma and he doesn't even know it!

And you see those hampers by the tree, I keep leaving them out and Eddie keeps ignoring the hint to help out with the chores lol!

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