Saturday, February 20, 2010

49/365 Thursday

This week we started making Cade use the potty, I've waited and waited and waited for him to start showing interest, or signs of getting ready and he hasn't. At this point Mommy is really tired of diapers, in the past 7 years I've had a one month break of diapers when I was 8 months pregnant with Cade, then the fun began all over again.

Cade's three and its so time to kick the diapers to the curb. And just for the record I don't need anymore advice on how to to this...if you think you are better at it than me then I'm happy to pack his bag and send him off to your house and let you do it your way. Believe me I've tried everything you can think of and then some in the past year... vent over =0) He's eating a candy bracelet in the picture, he demanded that I 'picture me' while he was eating it. He's a nut but doesn't he look cute in undies lol!


  1. Hey...sending him off to someone elses house for him to train may be a good idea! HAHAHA!!!